Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hispanics Turning Against Obamacare

From Pew Research Center:

"Hispanics are evenly divided: 47% approve of the law, while 47% disapprove. Over most of the past four years, Hispanics have offered more support than opposition for the health care law. As recently as September, 2013, 61% of Hispanics approved of the law. Support for the ACA among Hispanics fell sharply in October of 2013 (to 47%) and has yet to recover."
But the young are warming to it:
"People younger than 30 do not view the law as negatively as do older Americans. About as many young people approve (50%) as disapprove (47%) of the health care law. Among older age groups, majorities disapprove. That marks a change from December, when younger people had about the same view of the health care law as older adults. "
However, one doubts that this means there will be a sudden uptick in the young buying health care policies. It's easier to say yes to a poll than to sign up for a $150-$250/mo policy. Their priorities are not health care over cell phone service.

H/T Byron York


MAX Redline said...

The numbers don't lie, and they show that the kids aren't buying. Sebilius has already stated that prices are likely to rise next year.

T. D. said...

You were warning about this long ago, Max. :-) And, of course, higher premiums aren't going to win new converts.

MAX Redline said...

Well, you could see this coming. And as you note, higher premiums (and higher deductibles) aren't going to gain new enrollees.

Even a "free" breast pump isn't going to bring the kids in. Especially since they can be on Mom&Dad's plan until they're 27. While Dems claimed that they'd enroll 18-34 year-olds, their law makes it almost certain that they'll rope in just a few 27-34 year-olds. That's not going to work.

Their Grand Plan was screwed from the start.

Meanwhile, everybody pays attention to Cover Oregon:

That's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though. It's just a very expensive, nonfunctional website.

Wait until the rest of it hits.

T. D. said...

You're right, Max. Cover Oregon is not the substance of Obamacare. We will see in the next election how upset voters are about a wholesale restructuring of the healthcare system to help just a few million people.

And with 85% of the population already having healthcare coverage that for most was meeting their needs, wholesale changes were not likely to be popular.

For the 85%, the Democrats didn't follow the old maxim: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.