Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oregon Really Good at Making Life Hard for Low-Income Workers

Veronique de Rugy reports that states require big license fees and lots of education/experience for workers to perform low-income jobs like:
preschool teacher
athletic trainer
school bus driver
truck driver
Not that a good barber or manicurist is not a wonder to behold, but why these rules for people who make little money and can do little real harm?

Oregon public officials think this is a big problem. Oregon rates third among the worst states for making life hard for low-income workers by imposing hoops to jump through before you can earn any money at it. Of course there are no licensing fees or educational requirements for being a legislator or elected official--both of whom can do (and have done) tons of damage. Go figure.

Institute for Justice: License to Work (


MAX Redline said...

Ive seen a few horror stories, particularly regarding barbers and cosmetologists. Very odd. I mean, if you get a bad haircut, you go to a different barber (or just shave your head).

T. D. said...

Heh. My father has always repeated the old adage: The difference between a bad haircut and a good one is two weeks. A good manicure and a bad one probably has a similar time frame.

Any teenager can be a babysitter, but if you're going to do daycare or preschool, you've suddenly stepped over into the twilight zone of massive responsibility and horrifying consequences for not enough education and experience.

Hey guys, moms without special training have been doing preschool for centuries.