Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Public Confidence in Military High at 74%; In News Media at Only 22%

A Gallup Poll report released this month shows public confidence in the military (74%) and small business (62%) is high. But less than 1/4th of Americans have confidence in the news media. In fact, only Congress (7%) rates worse than television news (18%) and internet news (19%). And newspapers (22%) only rate above those three and big business (21%).

Gallup has been polling on public confidence in various institutions since 1973 and television news since 1993.  Here are some of the differences between 1993 and now:

Public Confidence
1993 . . 2014
68% . . 74% the military
31% . . 22% newspapers
46% . . 18% television news
18% . . 7% congress

Confidence in the military is up about 10%. Confidence in newspapers has dropped about a third. Confidence in television news and Congress has plummeted by about 60%.

H/T Poynter


MAX Redline said...

Nice find, TD. Not surprising, other than for the uptick in confidence in the military despite the ongoing efforts to demonize them.

I suspect that a lot of folks are like me when it comes to television "news" - I only turn it on when I'm doing something else, like preparing dinner or washing dishes. They seem to spend more time joshing each other than actually reporting anything.

As for Congress, well...the same folks professing no confidence keep electing the same marionettes. If they really felt as little confidence as they claim, that wouldn't happen.

T. D. said...

You're right, Max. There is a definite disconnect between the people voters elect and the confidence voters have in those they elect.

Interesting that the top 4 are the only ones in their 10% rank.

I was surprised that organized religion rated so high, and that the medical/healthcare systems rated so low. I thought most people were pretty satisfied with their healthcare.

Public schools miserable rating is a little surprising too because of all the "it's for the children" talk (as you so often point out). I guess most people don't buy the media spin.

MAX Redline said...

I found the health rating odd, as well. Perhaps it's the Obamacare influence.

After getting their megabond passed to update schools, PPS turned around and sent some $5.2 million to PBOT.

How about the $5.2 million transferred from PPS construction bonds to PBOT. The ballot measure made no mention of transportation uses for the PPS construction bond money.


Yeah, that sort of thing inspires a lot of confidence.

T. D. said...

Max, I too wondered about Obamacare, but the high in the last five years was only 41%.

What's $5.2 million among friends?