Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Lunar Eclipse - October 8, 2014

The clear sky last night to see this was a blessing from the Lord. This photo was taken near the darkest point  at 3:56 am (and has been enhanced in Photoshop).  I used a Canon SX50, and this shot was taken with a 1 second exposure, f6.5, ISO400, 1200mm equivalent.

What great beauty--just because of a shadow. It puts me in mind of the verse that says God rested after the six days of creation. Even this "little" piece of process creation is first class work.


OregonGuy said...


T. D. said...

Thanks, OG! :-)

MAX Redline said...

Dang nice shot there, TD! I took one years ago, though it didn't come out as well. I did wake around 4:15 and saw it from my window, though, so that counts in my book.

Perhaps the best eclipse I've experienced was a total solar. I drove from Oregon City to east of The Dalles, camera at the ready - but was completely unprepared for what happened: A wall of blackness raced up the Gorge at unimaginable speed, and struck with physical impact. That was scary, and I could see why earlier people were awed.

I did get off a shot, but lack the skills you have. Still, I can look at that diamond ring and relive the experience.

Thanks for this shot! Way better than I could do.

MAX Redline said...

Hey - sorry about this, I shoulda asked first. I copied your photo and made it bigger, then posted it here:

I'll pull it off if you want; I just liked it but thought it'd be even better looking enlarged a bit. I did give you full credit, but apologize for not getting use-permission first.

I get ahead of myself sometimes.

T. D. said...

Max, I give you blanket permission to post anything I put up. Remember I'm the unofficial president of your fan club. Heh.

I remember your post (or was it a comment?) on the last partial solar eclipse mentioning that amazing experience you had. I know of others who have said something similar.

It's not my photography. It's the camera (Canon SX50 which you can get for $399, or $359 if you hit it right, on Amazon). It has a 50x optical zoom and manual controls. That, a tripod, and a clear sky are the secret.