Friday, January 16, 2015

Old Seagrave Fire Truck Photos

I've been looking for photos online of two old Seagrave fire trucks that we have pictures of. My grandfather was a volunteer fireman, and he is the driver in the photos.

I found a reasonable number of images of Seagrave fire trucks from the 1920's, but only one (fairly poor) of the 1907-09 version that Matchbox has a model of. So, I thought I would post our photos.

1907-09 Seagrave fire truck
early 1920's Seagrave fire truck
another view of early 1920's Seagrave fire truck


MAX Redline said...

Interesting shots, TD. Where was L.F.D.? I see from the third photo that they had chains on the rear wheels, unlike the first two - so I assume it was in an area prone to snow and ice.

The technology has certainly progressed in the past century.

Your photos were taken at around the time streets became not about pedestrians, but cars:

T. D. said...

Lewiston, Idaho, Max. The chains are interesting as well as the dog in the third photo.

Interesting post on jaywalking and the change automobiles brought to views of who had road rights. Reminds me also of the fight for bicycle rights on the roads. Bound to fail here because cars still are in the massive majority for the foreseeable future. And with the jury trial system, it's hard to make the majority the bad guys.

MAX Redline said...

Thanks for the info, TD - when I saw the chains, I assumed it must be an area other than Florida....

T. D. said...

Heh. Yes, Lewiston does get some real snow.