Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant Is Closing

Royal Garden, NE 138th and Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon
One of our favorite restaurants is closing. The Royal Garden, just east of NE 138th and Sandy Blvd., will be closing on Sunday.

We first got to know it through trips to the Costco on NE 138th.

The restaurant opened in 1994. Through the years we have enjoyed the great cooking and getting to know a daughter and granddaughter of the owners who have worked there as waitresses. The daughter, who got married a few years ago and now has a young son, was a special favorite. So friendly and fun. And the food was always excellent at a very reasonable price.

The owners have decided to retire while they are still able to enjoy their retirement.

We wish the Lee family the best and say "THANK YOU!" for many years of great dining. May God bless you in your retirement.


MAX Redline said...

Too bad that they apparently couldn't find someone they could trust to take over and do right by their operation. I take it that they did a lot of business with Costco; I did a membership at the one near here a few years ago and noticed that "Mom and Pop" shops seem to be a big player in their business. But the neighborhood cats will probably be happy...:-)


T. D. said...

Yes, apparently two of their kids have their own restaurants and didn't want to take over The Royal Garden. It was a Mom and Pop business that seemed entirely family run. They had a bar with lottery games that seemed to bring in at least half the business. Even though the food was great, the restaurant side was usually sparsely populated. So, that and the poor business climate in Portland are probably why the couldn't find the right buyer.

No comment on neighborhood cats. :-)

curtis03 Lewis said...

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T. D. said...

Hey, Curtis. Boston's a bit of a far commute for a dinner outing from Portland. Heh.