Monday, November 07, 2016

Poor Sarah Palin Attracts Small Crowds for Trump

Sarah Palin has been called back in to campaign for Donald Trump after living too far away to attend or speak at the Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer.

Yesterday and today she spoke to some small crowds--50 to 100 people. Even her larger crowds at Fayette County Airport (about 200) and Alpena, Michigan (about 700) are nothing like crowds she attracted in the past. More like a normal politician's crowd.

Here's her facebook photo of the crowd in Zanesville.

Her appearance at a Detroit tavern drew about 50 and a fight. Here's a newspaper photo.

Some people in the tavern protested and were tossed out. When they tried to come back in an inept Palin/Trump supporter sprayed them with pepper spray. Unfortunately the wind blew the spray back into the tavern.
“The guys who were put outside were beating on the window, and some guys went outside,” the eyewitness said. “Then the protesters were trying to come back in but then the next thing I knew there was pepper spray. Me and the rest of the people sitting near the door couldn’t breathe all of a sudden. Of course the man was trying to spray it at the protesters, but the wind took it back inside.”
Gateway Pundit reported that a "leftist goon" did the spraying.  Jim Hoft links to the report done the next day which posted the photo above. But, apparently didn't search well enough to find the report done the night before which printed the above account. So much for blog fact checking. I wonder if Hoft will do any sort of retraction.


MAX Redline said...

My goodness. Reminds me of some of the crowds at Pantsuit's recent "rallies".

I do wish that Sarah hadn't gone with Ferret-top; I think she'd have been better served to have stayed out of this one completely.

As a rule, it seems best to back-check to several sources, but that seems to be something that many "news" sources and wanna-be sources don't seem to do much, and so they end up publishing rumor rather than fact - or even half-fact.

As Reagan said, "Trust, but verify".

And the Left continue to deride him.

T. D. said...

One misses Reagan's substantive optimism, good humor and wisdom.

I've given up on Palin, and unfortunately for her, Trump doesn't seem to value her effort very much. But, then, it is of pretty pitiful quality. She pleads more than asserts.