Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sarah PAC Is Dead

Sarah Palin managed to trash her reputation and her PAC. It just filed its termination report.

It had $100,000 on hand as of November 29, 2016, and spent it all by the end of December. Major outlays:

$20,000 - for Sarah PAC administrator Timothy Crawford
$40,000 - legal counsel
$18,000 - political consultants
$9,000 - part time clerical
$3,500 - website management
$4,500 - buying and mailing (Sarah's?) books

Sarah PAC ran from 2009 to 2016.

Really a sad, throw-the-money-at-administration-costs end for a PAC that had promise.

Sarah is moving on to giving daily devotionals and facebook-like political comments. No real devotionals. No real commentary. Just splashes.

Judging from the number of shares (as of today not much more than two shares for each devotional and commentary posted clear back into December), she's not doing so well.

And apparently she's hoping to raise lots of money from advertising including ads with sound that play automatically. I hate sites that do that. A slide into the tacky.

Too bad she didn't go out gracefully.


MAX Redline said...

Yes, it's been rather dismal to watch, as she appeared to have promise a few years ago.

And I find autoplay annoying as well, so I turn it off. Most of them use Adobe Flash, which is fairly easy to prevent from running - and prevention also saves bandwidth.

Increasingly, they're going to HTML5, which is a little trickier to shut off; in Firefox, for example, the shutoff is buried in the about:config menu, so most people never find it.

T. D. said...

Something happened to her. Maybe she just cracked under the pressure of so many people hating her, and she started growing shrill and hating back. I hope she has family and friends that can help her pick up the pieces and find peace and happiness.

Thanks for the hint, Max. Autoplay drives me crazy.

MAX Redline said...

I tend to agree, TD; she used to have a sense of humor and wit. Something broke in her.

Autoplay - I generally assume that if I know something, everybody does. Sometimes that's not the case. Happy to help, as always.

T. D. said...

I depend on you, Max, for IT info. Thanks!