Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sarah Palin's PAC Practically Defunct

Sarah Palin has trashed her brand to the point that she is now taking in less than $10,000 per month for Sarah PAC.

In two months (October 1-19 and October 20-November 28) she raised only $17,241. In the same period she spent $72,536, including $8,942 on direct mailing costs which were unproductive. (Guess that's why I haven't received any fancy priority mailer requests for awhile.)

Then there's the $10,000 per month for Sarah PAC administrator, Timothy Crawford, the $9,000 per month to a consulting firm (there's only so much help they can give when you knee cap yourself) and $3,000 per month for part time clerical help. With only $99,000 of cash on hand, things don't look too good for the practical continuation of Sarah PAC.

As someone who is sorry they gave her and her PAC more than a couple thousand dollars, I'm not sorry to see it crashing. Though I am sorry to see Sarah Palin crashing. She had so much potential as well as a past track record in which she actually accomplished something.

But, she has not only become shrill, but now lies when changing her political position. Though, at least she doesn't scrub her past posts so you can't check her hypocrisy like Laura Ingraham does.

Unhappily Palin did just criticize Obama for pardoning the guy who made Julian Assange and Wikileaks big stuff. Palin apparently has no ability to see the hypocrisy of praising Assange who published Manning's top secret material that put "troops in danger". Stealing the secrets hurt no one. Publishing them did the damage. Palin has cracked mentally.


MAX Redline said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on this, TD. I had hoped for much better from Sarah, and it's sad to see her slide into oblivion.

She has made herself irrelevant after a rather promising start.

As for Laura Ingraham - I've never paid her any mind. Just another radio talker with a hankering to build an audience. And duplicitous at that.

T. D. said...

I know, Max. You've always been positive toward her when I've written my positive, even praising, posts. I avoid looking at her twitter account and never look at her facebook account unless it's linked someplace. Trying not to troll. But, some things get reported, and I follow her PAC reports since I gave significantly (for me for a political donation) to it.

I don't follow Laura either--not a talk radio person and don't watch Fox any more so don't get forced doses there. But, saw it in the tweet. It's amazing how many Fox "contributors" and hosts are now saying the exact opposite of what they said when Obama was president. "Duplicitous" is a good description.