Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jack Higgins Backdated to WWII

Political cartoonist Jack Higgins of the Chicago Sun-Times recently shared his view of the high price in US military casualties in Iraq.

If Jack Higgins had been doing political cartoons during WWII, he might have done a cartoon about its 291,000 US military deaths like this:


Mike's America said...

We could also do a cartoon about the mass graves in Iraq but it would be even less funny than what Higgins did.

terrance said...


Since US military casualties in Iraq are less than 1% of US military casualties in WWII, one might even argue that FDR and Truman were culpable in a way that Rumsfeld (Bush) could never be because Saddam's civilian casualties have been a lot more than 1% of Hitler's civilian casualties.

Guys like Higgins can't see beyond their noses.

Thanks for the comment.