Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Path to 9/11 Update

Update: After watching both parts of The Path to 9/11, I still think it gave a good understanding of the Islamic terrorist threat facing the US and the world. It was also riveting entertainment.

But, its treatment of women was questionable. Though it showed border agent Diana Dean as very smart and competent, and insinuated that a woman policeman in the Philippines was the brains behind getting Yousef's computer (I can't find any factual evidence to corroborate that), it painted women at high levels in U.S. government as bull-headed and unable to understand wider issues (Madeline Albright), spiteful and arrogant (Ambassador Bodine), and looking to a man to make clear judgments and act in time of crisis (Condoleezza Rice). Whatever one thinks of the political views of these women, they are not the incompetents they were presented as being in this docudrama.

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