Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ABC O'Donnell Interview

O'Donnell handles herself well. A little comeuppance for the screechers?

UPDATE: Governor Palin weighs in.

UPDATE 2: Brent Orrell of the Frum Forum has some interesting analysis of voting numbers in Delaware (and New Hampshire). It seems that 32% of Republicans and only 12% of Democrats voted in the Delaware primary yesterday. With that turnout Republicans outvoted Democrats almost 2 to 1!
Republican turnout numbers continue to be impressive. In Delaware, the O’Donnell-Castle match-up drew almost 60,000 voters compared to 33,000 for contested statewide races on the Democratic side. The Delaware Secretary of State reports that Republican turnout was 32 percent compared to just 12 percent among Democrats. In New Hampshire, where independents can vote in primaries, Republican turnout in the Democratic-leaning 2nd District was 55,000 compared to just 31,000 for the contested primary on the other side.

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