Thursday, September 16, 2010

Class on 122nd

Pretty classy young man quoting Charles Spurgeon.

UPDATE: For those who may not know, Charles Spurgeon was the great British Baptist preacher called the "Prince of Preachers". Among many notable achievements, he published a sermon every week from 1856 until 1891 (months before his death). Those sermons sold 25,000 copies each week. I wonder if, adjusted for population growth or not, any other preacher has matched that distribution/sales record.


Hefmier said...

I see no problem with this guy and his sign. The words inscribed on this sign have nothing with what the Westboro members in Kansas carry.

T. D. said...

I don't either. This wasn't sarcasm. I think it's pretty classy to quote Charles Spurgeon.

Thanks for your comment.

Hefmier said...

Oh, thanks for claifying things. Indeed, I did misinterpret your comment.