Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Bright Are Ron Paul Supporters at CPAC?

Apparently not very. TPMDC reports:
"Dick Cheney just popped up here at CPAC to introduce his old pal and Bush administration colleague Donald Rumsfeld. Fans of Ron Paul turned what should have been a friendly moment before an audience of fellow conservatives into a screaming match and protest action that resembled what a Cheney-Rumsfeld hug at the Netroots Nation convention might look like.
"Rumsfeld is being given CPAC's 'Defender Of The Constitution' award, a concept that apparently rankled [Ron] Paul supporters in the crowd. Many of them got up and walked out en masse at the mention of Rumsfeld, though some stayed behind in the conference hall to heckle the architects of the invasion of Iraq.
. . .
That led to the pro-Cheney contingent (which it should be said greatly outnumbers the opposition) to shout the hecklers down with the familiar 'USA, USA' chant."
. . .
"[Justin] Bradfield [of Maryland] said the moment showed that 'half' of CPAC this year is libertarian, which means his side is winning in the civil war between 'libertarians and right-wing conservatives.'

"'We're loud,' he said."
Being loud seems to be the best thing they've got going for them.

They can't count. Being "greatly" outnumbered does not equal "half".

And they're not too good at planning for the future of their own meetings. What's to keep even a small portion of the majority from coming to meetings with people and ideas that Paul supporters like and share the heckling experience? Well, except for common decency.

I'm reminded of how Democrats have used every nasty and procedural device against conservative candidates for the judiciary and then are amazed that the process has been politicized when their candidates come up for confirmation.

Some people never get the concept of Proverbs 17:14:
Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam;
so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.


OregonGuy said...

My experience with the Paulists is that they are always willing to beat you around the head, neck and ears with what they don't know.

The world needs mo rons.

T. D. said...

Too bad. I had hoped that the CPAC attenders were abnormally infantile.