Thursday, February 03, 2011

Palin: ObamaCare Game Changer

Governor Sarah Palin is the game changer both in politics and the press. She is even able to use the questioning and criticism of the "formerly mainstream media" to defeat their agenda.

The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto:
"'Death panel' was especially effective at cutting through the hockey. Lots of people warned about rationing, but, as PolitiFact grudgingly acknowledged, it was Palin's vivid language that 'launched the health care debate into overdrive. The term was mentioned in news reports approximately 6,000 times in August and September, according to the Nexis database. By October, it was still being mentioned 150 to 300 times a week.'

"Many of these media mentions were disparaging, 'raising issues,' as PolitiFact prissily puts it, about 'the bounds of acceptable political discussion.' In other words, Palin's statement was widely propagated by journalists who thought it 'unacceptable.' Americans recognized the essential truth of Palin's words and strongly opposed ObamaCare.

"Palin got the truth out with the help of journalists determined to bolster the deceptions at the heart of ObamaCare. She was instrumental in winning the political argument that looks increasingly likely to render ObamaCare's legislative victory a Pyrrhic one. Sarah Palin outsmarted the formerly mainstream media simply by being blunt and honest. That is why they burn with a mindless rage against her."
Apparently Sarah was the only effective adult in the room.

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