Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christie's Decision

Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Apparently Governor Chris Christie didn't need the drama of playfully threatening to commit suicide or holding the big press conference last week saying he was not running. All he had to do was endorse Mitt Romney a lot earlier.


Ten Mile Island said...

Talked with a buddy tonight. He's already sent his check.

Looks like I sending my check tomorrow.


T. D. said...

Not yet. :-)

I still want to see more shaking out and defining of the field. Except for Palin (who I've been watching closely for three years), I don't have enough information on the candidates.

Also, I still don't like the last 9 on the 9-9-9 plan. I don't think opening up a new national tax category heads the nation toward a leaner, fitter national government.

I'd like to see a comparison between Oregon's dept. of revenue and Washington state's dept. of revenue. Did going to a flat sales tax and eliminating the progressive income tax make a big difference there either in having a big tax/revenue agency or in making the lives of tax payers easier? I don't have any real data, and my friends and relatives in Washington don't crow over how much nicer their tax system is. So, I'm left wondering.

Ten Mile Island said...

The President proposes, the Congress disposes. I don't care what any current proposals are, just that Congress take it up in the next session. A simple tax plan, where everyone pays.

T. D. said...

Thank you, TMI, for helping me think about this issue! I hadn't put my finger on the reason for my doubts until you beckoned me to mull over this issue. So, even though I'm coming up with a different take than you, I appreciate your statement of the issues.

In Washington state (not to mention California) everyone pays. Is it a better system than Oregon's? Everyone paying in surrounding states has not made a big difference in their state politics.

I don't see a fundamental transformation coming from adding a national sales tax or simplifying the tax code. The real problem is the role of government.

I have not yet heard one of the candidates really get that. So, I'm waiting.