Thursday, October 13, 2011

Portland's Crony Government

KGW reports:
"[Mayor Sam] Adams said allowing the protesters to remain was part of 'a balancing act. The city has discretion.' He likened the situation to a traffic officer handing out a warning or a ticket."
. . .
"Main St., which has been closed since the parks were occupied, is normally used by eight bus lines, as well as bicyclists and 7,500 cars. Mayor Adams gave protesters an exception from city policy that prohibits overnight stays, allowing them to camp at Chapman Park."
. . .
"What started as a march last Thursday [a week ago] resembled an encampment in the heart of downtown by Monday.

"Adams initially bent the rules against overnight stays in city parks, saying the protesters would be allowed to camp overnight in Chapman Square, something the city ordinance does not allow. By Monday, Occupy Portland had set up medical, food and supply tents. Some had even plugged in to an electric car charging station near the parks. On Tuesday, the city reportedly turned off power to the charging station."
Can the mayor give his friends and people he likes an "exemption" from following the law?

Remember when Mayor Tom Potter gave himself and Critical Mass cyclists an "exemption" from following city stop signs when other vehicles were not similarly exempted?
"But Friday night, [Mayor Tom] Potter -- a man who won by 23 percentage points without taking a donation over $100 -- once again showed that he takes his mandate as the city's new mayor seriously.

"He pedaled his Recumbent, a bike resembling a lawn chair on wheels, through a steady rain with about 250 Critical Mass demonstrators.

"At the first stop sign, Potter, 64, squeezed the brakes until he noticed the rest of the pack rolling through the intersection. 'I'll just follow you,' he told another cyclist, chuckling.

"The next three stops signs were a blur."
If those with government authority like you because you vote for them or funnel money to them, you get a pass on following the laws/ordinances/policies everyone else has to follow. Mayor Potter set a public precedent that his successor, Mayor Adams, is following. If the mayor say it's not illegal, it's not. City codes and ordinances do not apply to political friends.

Crony government is more toxic than crony capitalism.


MAX Redline said...

Absolutely spot-on. I'd love to move out of this town.

T. D. said...

Thanks, MaxR! I really appreciate the posts on your site because you bring up lots of examples of the corruption of crony government.

MAX Redline said...

Glad to know you stop by on occasion. I linked to your post here on crony government, as it fit well with some other material I'd planned to bring up.

T. D. said...

I not only "stop by on occasion", MaxR, but daily. Good reporting on your site. Thanks for the link!