Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Palin's Sanity vs. Nicolle Wallace's

UPDATE: Byron York:
"I just spoke with Charlie Black, who was McCain's top campaign adviser in the 2008 race. 'I never heard any such discussions,' Black told me. 'There were no discussions like that with McCain, or I think I would have known about them. That doesn't mean some subset of the senior staff might have talked to each other about it.'

"As for the constitutional issues involved with blocking an elected vice-president from taking the oath of office, Black said, 'Whoever was having that discussion, if there was one, didn't have a good lawyer in the group.'"
The June dump of Sarah Palin's 24,000+ pages of e-mails showed Palin to be, in Politico commentator Andy Barr's words an "effective", "attentive", "hands on", "decisive" governor in areas "ranging from small issues to very large issues".
"The e-mails (not only ?) show like how effective she is, but it shows how attentive she is as governor. She’s paying very close attention to stuff. You know, ranging from small issues to very large issues. She’s very hands on with her staff in terms of not only reaching out and soliciting advice, but offering her own. She is, like, very decisive in a lot of these things."
. . .
“Because the movie [The Undefeated] is painting her as a very serious executive . . . and there are e-mails in here that corroborate a lot of that and will be good for her.”
The e-mails cover through half of Palin's time as Vice Presidential candidate--September 30, 2008--just two days before Palin's Vice Presidential candidate debate with Joe Biden. Still Nicolle Wallace thinks she can credibly say:
"WALLACE: Well, first let me just say that the novel is by no means meant to build a case against Sarah Palin. However, to the extent that the people around [the fictional vice president] Tara watched in this troubled state of confusion, despair and helplessness as she flailed around — that was something I experienced. Palin vacillated between extraordinary highs on the campaign stage — she ignited more enthusiasm than our side had seen at any other point — to debilitating lows. She was often withdrawn, uncommunicative and incapable of performing even the most basic tasks required of her job as McCain's running mate.

"The decision to relocate debate prep from the campaign trail, which is where McCain did his prep, to Sedona, was to isolate her and help her overcome the shock of becoming an overnight celebrity. There certainly were discussions — not for long because of the arc the campaign took — but certainly there were discussions about whether, if they were to win, it would be appropriate for her to be sworn in."
Funny that Palin's e-mails don't show any of that.

One wonders what a dump of Nicolle Wallace's e-mails at the time would show.

Desire to sell one's fiction book is understandable. But, in the face of 24,000 pages of public evidence?

Who is unbalanced?

H/T Byron York


Ten Mile Island said...

Wow. Gonna have to bone-up on the whole character assassination thing. This is good stuff!

Didn't the Left attempt to ensnare 43 with a "he's clinically crazy" meme?

T. D. said...

Poor Nicolle Wallace. Not only is her book now passé, but she has ruined whatever political adviser reputation she had. Charlie Black, much higher up in the McCain campaign chain, said Wallace's claim was "bizarre". That's the new adjective by Nicolle Wallace's name.