Thursday, February 23, 2012

Best Debate Statement: Government as Central Provider Is a Move Towards Tyranny

From CNN's transcript:
"GINGRICH: Well, the reports we got were quite clear that the public health department was prepared to give a waiver to Catholic hospitals about a morning-after abortion pill, and that the governor's office issued explicit instructions saying that they believed it wasn't possible under Massachusetts law to give them that waiver. Now, that was the newspaper reports that came out. That's something that both Senator Santorum and I have raised before. But I want to go a step further, because this makes a point that Ron Paul has been making for a generation and that people need to take very seriously.

"When you have government as the central provider of services, you inevitably move towards tyranny, because the government has the power of force.


"You inevitably -- and I think this is true whether it's Romneycare or Obamacare or any other government centralized system -- you inevitably move towards the coercion of the state and the state saying, 'If you don't do what we, the politicians, have defined, you will be punished either financially or you will be punished in some other way like going to jail.'

"And that's why we are, I think, at an enormous crossroads in this country. And I think the fact is, for almost all of us who have been at this for any length of time, we're now looking at an abyss that forces you to change what you may once have thought -- and I suspect all four of us are much more worried today about the power of the state than we would have been -- with the possible exception of Congressman Paul -- than we would have been at any point in the last 25 years."
[emphasis added]


Ten Mile Island said...

May I have another cupful of repression, please?

I just wish the kids could figure out how much this is going to cost them.

James Nicholas said...

People like Obama and Sebelius think nothing of imposing upon people whatever they think, never realizing that no matter if the benefits the speak of are realized or not, the action itself is a dagger to the heart of our liberty. Newt is right on the money.

T. D. said...

Repression. Loss of liberty. That's it in a nutshell. One can see why the left wouldn't see this (and the young), but what about all those Romney supporters who are supposed to be conservatives. Does supporting a candidate blind you that much?

Thanks to both of you for your good comments.