Monday, February 06, 2012

Cold Wave Kills More than 300 in Europe

"More than 300 people have died as a severe cold wave continued to paralyse life in large section of Europe.

"The cold weather has claimed lives in Ukraine, Poland, France and Italy.

"The thick blanket of snow cover has reached as far as North Africa.

"In several countries transport system has been badly hit by the thick snow cover.

"Ukraine has been badly affected by the cold weather with around 131 people reportedly dead in the cold snap, media reports said.

"Several people who were frozen to death were homeless, reports said.

"Bad weather has affected lives in Italy also where the capital Rome witnessed heaviest snowfall in 27 years.

"Cold weather has claimed the lives of 5 people in Poland so far.

"Greece has declared a state of emergency in the Peloponnese peninsula after heavy rain caused flood,media reports said."
Global Warming, uh Climate Change, at work. MaxRedline has the link for the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society two hour 40 minute discussion on "Anthropogenic (human caused) global warming? A look at the science, both the logic and the evidence. Is this the greatest scientific myth of our generation?". One warning from Chuck Wiese is to be prepared for much tougher winters in Oregon. (see pages 33 and 34 of his presentation)

The 300 who died in Europe would have profited if their leaders had paid attention to similar warnings for Europe. Will Oregon leaders pay attention in time?

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