Thursday, March 15, 2012

Footage of HBO's Palin "Melt Down" Day

On September 27, 2008, the day that Hanks/HBO's Game Change shows Sarah Palin having a complete melt down and withdrawal, CNN caught her out socializing with average people and answering a press inquiry.

Guess Hanks/HBO missed this. Not to mention current CNN reporters.

And, of course, there's the miraculous comeback at the high pressured 90 minute Vice Presidential debate only five days later on October 2, 2012. Or maybe the McCain team brought in a double? Where's the script writing to fix up unbelievable claims when you need it? My dad used to say that the old movie serials used to leave the hero in an impossible, no escape situation and then pick up the next episode with the story jump "after escaping from the burning building".

H/T Stacy Drake


James Nicholas said...

"How about two? We'll get two of those."

"And the name?"


It's remarkable how down to earth this gal is, not at all consumed by her celebrity, no aires, no sense of superiority or entitlement. Very refreshing break from the man who would stop the seas from rising.

And then the end, where she's talking to some guy on the phone, and his friend can't believe it really happened. I can't believe it either. She really is something.

We really have to stop allowing the left get away with the character assassinations that are mother's milk to them. Good stuff, Terrance.

T. D. said...

JN, she not only has the political "touch" that is so rare, but as you point out she actually cares about the people she meets and talks to. Character A-1. Thanks for underlining that part of the video. It's a double hit on the self-centered, whimperer, unable to take pressure lie of Game Change.