Monday, June 18, 2012

Major Oregon Newspapers Continue to Lose Circulation

The Audit Bureau of Circulations statistics for Oregon newspaper circulation shows a decline in all the major newspapers in the state between March, 2011, and March, 2012. (This is the first full year period under ABC's new metrics and these figures cannot be accurately used to measure circulation growth or loss from previous years.)

The Statesman Journal had the smallest percentage decline (-3.66%), and the Bend Bulletin had the biggest (-28.25%).  The most common decline rate was around the -5% level.

Here are the figures for daily circulation (usually Monday-Friday):

Newspaper           March 2011       March 2012      % decline
Oregonian              260,248              247,833               -4.77%
Register-Guard        56,966                53,812               -5.54%
Bulletin (Bend)         44,314                31,796             -28.25%
Statesman Journal  38,349                36,946               -3.66%
Mail Tribune            24,046                22,292              -7.29%
Democrat-Herald    15,636                14,283               -8.65%
Courier                   14,471                13,748               -5.00%
(Grants Pass)
Gazette-Times        10,868                 10,287              -5.35%


Ten Mile Island said...

Do you have numbers for The Daily Astorian?

T. D. said...

Sorry, TMI, I do not. I only have data on newspapers ABC lists at the search site linked above.

Ten Mile Island said...

Understood. I get stopped at the paywall.

T. D. said...

If there's a paywall, I haven't paid. I'll see if I can duplicate getting through on someone else's computer and router.

Anyway, these are the only newspapers listed except in the last few years there has been a listing for the World in Coos Bay/North Bend and the East Oregonian in Pendleton now and again.

MAX Redline said...

Look for The Zero to move to a three-day-a-week print schedule. They don't know how to turn things around. For one thing, that would involve actual journalism.

T. D. said...

Max, you're one of the best at exposing their journalistic lethargy. I wonder how much the Tues/Sun for $19.99 a year (that, alas, my parents succumbed to) will help.