Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan a Good Pick

Rep. Paul Ryan is a good pick for VP. He's serious, intelligent and able to articulate his views and the conservative case. However, the GOP establishment and too many "conservative" pundits are still lame. From Tony Lee:
"I don't like MSM/Republicans using Ryan pick to take cheap shots at Palin. If they do, shd also then compare crowd sizes on stump."
For those who want to compare, at least do a full comparison. From Ian Lazaran:
"Prediction: whomever Romney chooses will underperform Palin's convention speech and her debate performance in the polls."
Both Ryan and Palin have excellences. Though Palin has shown greatness in the last four years under withering attack not only on her personally but on her family. And she has posted the most powerful endorsement/victory (2010 / 2012*) record of anyone on the current public scene. May Paul Ryan find the inner character to rise to greatness too.
*Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal shows its incompetence in this article. Doug Brady points out that WSJ reporter Neil King Jr. didn't even do basic research to find out that Palin didn't endorse Sharron Angle in the 2010 primary. (Actually Palin's father and brother endorsed Danny Tarkanian in the primary.) Palin did endorse Angle over Harry Reid in the general election. What would be the brights standard for any Republican who endorsed Harry Reid over Angle? Or the brights standard for a reporter who thinks a Republican should have endorsed Harry Reid?


MAX Redline said...

Hudging from his twitter feed, Barky's been in full panic mode since yesterday's announcement.

Romney and Ryan have already demonstrated that they can do what Barky can't: keep a secret.

MAX Redline said...

Judging, not Hudging....

T. D. said...

Isn't the lack of ability to edit a posted comment in blogger maddening?

Paul Ryan should cause some panic to any opponent. He's quality material personally and in ideas and competence. As with the previous Republican VP candidate.

MAX Redline said...

But he can't see Russia from his house!

Oh, wait - SP never said that; the media took the line from the comic and pretended that she had.

Demonization is on again....

T. D. said...

Exactly right, Max. Expect demonization and our lame conservative pundits to be surprised and from time to time wonder at Ryan's ability to be a lightning rod and divider and inability to be perfect and thus "invite" the attacks. They learned nothing from the attacks on Palin and gradually come to think that the person attacked is part of the problem rather than the viciousness and falseness of the attacks.