Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sarah Palin: Strongest Vote Winning Vice Presidential Candidate in Recent History

According to NBC-Wall Street Journal polling among registered voters, no other vice presidential candidate from 2000 to the present has gained more votes for the ticket than Sarah Palin who had a positive vote getting effect on an astounding 34% of registered voters. (see question 20)

In 2008 Sarah Palin made 34% of people polled more likely to vote for McCain, 25% less likely and for 40% she made no difference.

In comparison, Paul Ryan makes 22% of people polled more likely to vote for Romney, 23% less likely and for 54% Ryan makes no difference.

In 2008 Joe Biden made 24% of people polled more likely to vote for Obama, 16% less likely and for 58% he made no difference.

In 2004 John Edwards made 28% of people polled more likely to vote for Kerry, 7% less likely and for 65% he made no difference.

In 2000 Joe Lieberman made 20% of people polled more likely to vote for Gore, 7% less likely and for 71% he made no difference.

In 2000 Dick Cheney made 16% of people polled more likely to vote for Bush, 14% less likely and for 69% he made no difference.

Palin evoked the strongest positive response at 34%. This was 6% more than second place John Edwards who had 28%. Palin also brought the strongest negative response at 25%. This was 2% more than second place Paul Ryan at 23%.

Balancing positive vs negative, Palin at 9% comes in third as a positive vote getter after Edwards (21%) and Lieberman (13%). Biden is a close 4th at 8%. Cheney is 5th with 2%, and Ryan 6th at -1%.

Not reflected in the poll is the dive in approval ratings for John Edwards, a one time media favorite (who only the National Enquirer did serious investigative reporting on), which points to the bias and lack of serious vetting of Democratic candidates by the legacy media.

This polling does not take into account the strength of the vice presidential candidate as a campaigner. Ryan has shown himself to be a strong campaigner with a clear, concise message. So far he and his family have not been targeted with the media personal vendetta aimed at Palin and her family in 2008. With that he move from last place as a vote getter to being one of the strongest vice presidential picks since 2000.

H/T Ian Lazaran


Unknown said...

Great article. I spent my spare time reading some blogs. And I found yours a great and knowledgeable content. Keep it up.


T. D. said...

Thanks, Leslie. Palin was a great VP candidate, and I think she would be an even better president. We'll see if she runs.