Monday, April 29, 2013

If you wanna win

I compare the following Skip Bayless commentary with Shep Smith's inept put down of Tim Tebow on his afternoon news show. Shep disdainfully asked why wouldn't the Jets get rid of someone who did nothing on the field last year. Maybe Smith missed the 2011 season when Tebow was a starting quarterback and managed a lot more than the Jets in 2012 (with a very part-time, hardly playing, Tebow), and 1 more playoff win than the Broncos, with a great quarterback, in 2012.

Tebow pulled the Broncos out of an awful season opening of 1 win and 4 losses when he took over as starting quarterback in 2011. He took the Broncos 1 game deep into the post-season with a spectacular overtime win in the AFC wild card playoff with Pittsburgh on January 8, 2012.

By contrast, another of my favorites, Payton Manning, in 2012 had a great season, but no win in the playoffs with the Broncos.

Does this mean Tebow is as great as Manning? No. But, it does mean that Tebow has an amazing ability to win under adverse circumstances when he is the starting quarterback. Skip Bayless points out Tebow's ability to win and the fact that a good number of NFL teams with losing records could use a quarterback like that--if they really want to win.


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