Monday, April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher (one of the great ones) 1925 - 2013

The legacy of Margaret Thatcher speaks for itself. She took Britain from a time of decline and looming bankruptcy to being a strong, world leader again. She did it by holding firmly to common sense, conservative principles. In National Review, Sarah Palin writes:
She put those beliefs into action. Like Reagan, she was a leader for whom word and deed were one and the same. A leader of a conservative think tank behind the Thatcher revolution famously said, “We were not interested in political office for the Conservative party. We were interested in power for them to get things done.” And that’s exactly what Thatcher did. While others in her party were interested in holding on to political office and overseeing “the orderly management of [Britain’s] decline,” she actually radically reformed a broken system and brought it back to free-market principles, leaving her country stronger, wealthier, and a leader in the world when just a decade before it had been dismissed as “the sick man of Europe.” Her push to privatize British industry and lower tax rates led to a substantial economic expansion and became a model for other countries shrugging off the yoke of socialism.
In the 1980's she and Ronald Reagan were bookends in defending the West and freedom which resulted in the fall of the Soviet Empire.

On a more personal level she saw truth even when it was covered with grit and grime. From Palin's Facebook page:


MAX Redline said...


Yet how does the Left respond? Much like Islamists did to 9/11.

One might pity them, were they not such dangers.

T. D. said...

For some people hatred is more important than truth.

It is somewhat satisfying when some of their own leaders publicly recognize the greatness (as with Obama on Reagan vs. what the press and many "academics" had been saying and continue to say).