Monday, May 30, 2016

Cruz: Win Number Two; Also Taking on Other Major Issues

What's wrong with Republican and conservative leaders? Ted Cruz has now helped win two cases just by bringing them to public view.

1. Firing of Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin. Rehired.

2. Crosses removed from memorial in Georgia. Crosses back up.

Here are some other issues of more national consequence that Cruz is working on.

3. U.S. protection of open internet. (with Sens. Mike Lee, James Lankford and Marco Rubio*)

4. Stop Department of Justice investigation of Global Warming skeptics. (with Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Jeff Sessions** of Alabama, David Perdue of Georgia and David Vitter of Louisiana)

5. Resignation of Veteran's Administration Secretary Robert McDonald.

Granted 1 and 2 are individual/local issues and not presidential election material. But, 3 through 5 have national implications.

Instead presumptive nominee Donald Trump talks about the judge in his civil case (not smart since the judge can do subtle things to hurt Trump). And Republican Governor Susana Martinez not doing a good job in New Mexico and that maybe Trump himself should run for governor of New Mexico. And claiming there is no drought in California.
*Rubio did a dumb tweet jokingly promoting Obamacare supporter AARP, but no tweet on open internet. Though, to be fair, his tweets are focused a lot on defending against criticism of his endorsement of Trump.
**Couldn't find a tweet from Sessions on this


MAX Redline said...

Trump's all over the map on so many issues, it's scary. Yet he's managed to get the support. This is the election from hell. Cruz is almost always spot on, but like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect.

T. D. said...

Or like Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I post on Cruz because I think what he is doing, compared to the other 16 Republican presidential candidates, is worth something. He didn't beat Trump (except in principles and maybe positive impact whether Trump wins or loses).

Sometimes I question whether my posts sound like I'm not accepting reality. But, they really are meant as attaboys on the kind of conduct I want to see from all conservatives. Fight for what's right no matter what the political situation is. I find reprehensible the crickets from people who should be talking about these things.

MAX Redline said...

I agree entirely. I still don't see why Trump is the darling of Republicans; he's got nothing apart from bombast.

T. D. said...

And he's not talking about any of the important issues with Clinton. All he's doing is name calling. This won't be the first or last election I am completely befuddled by the voters. After all the chose Obama twice.