Thursday, May 05, 2016

How to Get Up from a Fall (for the weak or elderly)

My mom fell a few days ago, and we had trouble getting her up. I wish I had watched this video before our different attempts to help her up. I am going to show my mom and dad this video as well as recommend it to my older friends.



MAX Redline said...

That's an interesting find, with what seem to be some good tips. Though I'd have preferred seeing an 80-something doing them.

Hope your mom's okay!

OregonGuy said...

I've forwarded this to all my Republican friends.

T. D. said...

I'm going to try some of them, Max. Though not close to 80, it should prove something. Heh.

OG, good one! I hadn't thought of the humor and utter political applicability until you brought it up. I can see you're looking at the election with a healthy dose of drollery.