Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oregon Average Premium Cost for Healthcare Up 17.6%

From Business Insider:

H/T Ted Cruz


MAX Redline said...

Not surprising to see, but only part of the story. Florida is the place where old people go to die, and therefore has one of the highest costs in terms of Medicare use.

In terms of Obamacare, Oregon and Alaska have Moda, which bumps the numbers up by quite a bit. Gotta pay for those arena naming rights somehow....

T. D. said...

Interesting about Florida. Maybe their rates were already high so their rates haven't increased that much. The new sick covered were not so different in risk from the old sick covered?

Amazing that Oklahoma, Alaska (but crickets from Sarah Palin on this), Tennessee, Montana, and Hawaii went up so much. Apparently only Indiana was anywhere near saving $2,500 per family as Obama promised.

Then remembering these are differences just from last year. Not factoring in the sort of increase you have seen.

T. D. said...

Oh, just got your comment on Florida Medicare. So, the rates there are lower than they should be because of how Medicare forces rates down?

MAX Redline said...

I suspect Medicare use has a lot to do with the Florida rates - along with the high death rates. My parents moved into a big assisted living center in Winter Haven around the first of the year, and from what I understand, most of the folks there use walkers and oxygen bottles; my folks have no need for either. And apparently there's an almost nonstop parade of ambulances coming and going.

On Alaska: they have only two health insurance providers in the state (and they almost lost Moda, who had already pulled out of Washington and California). Moda was able to sell some subsidiaries; thereby raising sufficient cash to stay afloat (for now) in Alaska and Oregon.

T. D. said...

Wait until next year's rates come out.