Saturday, February 25, 2017

Diversity! in Multnomah County

This is what passes for "diversity" in Multnomah County. And notice the slightly slanted colored letters (all of the same font and same size) that cleverly make the point.

So, sex doesn't count as diversity. Age doesn't matter in diversity. Political view isn't important in diversity. Only race.

Guess all the men in Multnomah County and the older people in Multnomah County don't count.

Alas, this is what passes for "journalism" in Multnomah County.


MAX Redline said...

No kidding, TD. We hope to leave Mutnomah County/Portland in May or June, and this sort of nonsense is one reason why.

MAX Redline said...

It's interesting as well to see that the American College of Pediatricians has now been declared a "hate group" by Think Progress. Why?

Because they issued a statement that sex change is "a medical impossibility", among other things.

T. D. said...

I just thought the colored letters were laughable in front of picture of all young middle-aged women. Imagine "diversity" excluding a good deal more than half of the American population. And no American Indians!

As for Think Progress, they show themselves as pitiful with their "hate group" designation of a group that has nothing to do with hate. I guess everyone who doesn't agree with them is a "hater".

MAX Redline said...

"Diversity" is just another term for "exclusion", as I see it.

T. D. said...

It makes certain people more important than other people. Like the old "noble" families separation in society. Nothing on merit. Everything based on your birth characteristics.