Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bush More Popular Than Obama

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Peter Wehner notes that George W. Bush had a positive rating of 63% with 22% disapproval in the Gallup March 5-7, 2001 poll--a month after his inauguration.

The current Gallup Poll for Barack Obama shows 62% approving and 28% disapproving–-a month after his inauguration.

Wehner puts it in context:
George W. Bush’s greatest moment in his presidency was still months off. We will see if Barack Obama, facing a crisis of a different kind, is able to meet the challenge before him. So far, with the market having plunged on his watch and lost trillions of dollars in the process, and still with no serious plan on how to deal with the banking system and toxic assets, the early signs are not encouraging. But it’s still very early. Life and politics, as we have all learned, has many surprises.

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