Saturday, March 28, 2009

Republican Plans to Reverse Oregon's Rising Unemployment

Though Oregon has the third highest unemployment rate in the nation, Governor Kulongoski (D) and the Democrats in control of the Oregon legislature have offered no plans other than using stimulus money to increase jobs in Oregon and staunch the growing tide of unemployment.

Republican state legislators have prepared proposals to create jobs and help the unemployed. The video footage below is of the news conference where they explain their main proposals:

House and Senate Republicans announce plans for job creation from Oregon Senate Republicans on Vimeo.

Hat Tip: Coyote of NW Republican. As Coyote notes, the sad fact is that mainstream media sources are not reporting on these proposals. What a loss for Oregon and the families of the 10.8% of its workers who are unemployed. How high does the rate have to go before Oregon leaders and media get serious?

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