Wednesday, March 25, 2009

C-SPAN and Brian Lamb: 30 Years of Excellence

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Thanks are due to C-SPAN and its founder and CEO Brian Lamb for 30 years of excellence.

There is not a better source of indepth, unbiased political, social and literary coverage in the country. It’s the only place to get complete political speeches (no sound bites) and full presentations from the authors of books on a vast variety of subjects. Not to mention the ability to hear one’s senators and representative in the U.S. Congress state their position on the issues that face the country.

Brian Lamb was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush in 2007.
"Lamb was saluted for 'elevat[ing] America's public debate and help[ing] to open up our government to citizens across the nation. His dedication to a transparent political system and the free flow of ideas has enriched and strengthened our democracy.'

"The president called him a visionary whose network has 'revived the town hall spirit for a modern, continental nation.'

"'For nearly 30 years,' the president pointed out, 'the proceedings of the House of Representatives have been televised unfiltered, uninterrupted, unedited, and live. For this we can thank C-SPAN. And for C-SPAN, we can thank a visionary American named Brian Lamb.

"C-SPAN, said President Bush, has no agenda, and only one assumption: 'that interested viewers are intelligent and can make up their own minds about what they see and hear.'

"C-SPAN, said the president, 'is a tool that enlightens democracy and informs and educates citizens at all ages and at all hours. But, putting his presidential seal of approval on Lamb's behind-the-scenes approach to changing the political coverage landscape, President Bush said that, in all those hours--some 17,000 a year of coverage--'you can watch for years and never hear anyone say the name Brian Lamb. Even Brian never says it.'

"'For his enormous achievement and his personal modesty, for his high standards and his contribution to our democracy, America is grateul to Mr. Brian Lamb.'"

Well said, and a medal richly deserved.

Thank you, Brian, for 30 years of outstanding public service!

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