Friday, March 27, 2009

Louisiana and Alaska Bucking Unemployment Trend

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the February, 2009, data on U.S. employment. Two states topped the list of those bucking the high loss of jobs trend last month: Louisiana under Governor Bobby Jindal (R) and Alaska under Governor Sarah Palin (R).
“In February, nonfarm payroll employment decreased in 49 states and the District of Columbia and increased in 1 state (Louisiana). The largest over-the-month decreases in the level of employment were recorded in California (-116,000), Florida (-49,500), Texas (-46,100), and Pennsylvania (-41,000), while Alaska (-100) experienced the smallest decrease. The only state to report an over-the-month increase in the level of employment was Louisiana (+800 or less than +0.1 percent).”
[emphasis added]

Both Alaska and Louisiana had positive news not only in last month’s rate but in the yearly rate. Alaska and Louisiana were among only four states (along with the District of Columbia) to see employment growth in the last year.

+1.6% Wyoming
+1.4% District of Columbia
+0.9% Alaska
+0.3% Louisiana
+0.2% North Dakota

[Unfortunately, my state (Oregon) under Governor Ted Kulongoski (D) surpassed even California in bad news dropping from 46th to 48th place nationally with a 10.8% unemployment rate. This was a 1.3% raise over January’s figures--the biggest raise of any state last month. Not good governance news.]

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