Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going Rogue Sets 5 Week Record as #1

Craig Wilson of USA Today must be grinding his teeth. Going Rogue has now been #1 on their 150 bestseller list for 5 weeks. It tied with Colin Powell's 1995 autobiography two weeks ago for being the best selling political autobiography/memoir of all time, and passed the Powell book last week.

Wilson manages a few lines for Palin's record setting accomplishment, and sandwiches the news between noting President Obama's tumbled sales (neither of his two books is on the current bestseller list) and noting that Senator Edward Kennedy's Compass is now number 30 on the list (down from a high of #2 on the September 24th list).

It's a little like sandwiching news of Michael Phelps' record setting 8 Olympic gold medals between news of a fairly popular swimmer who never finished first (neither of President Obama's books made #1 on USA Today's bestseller list) and the second place winner in one of the events where Phelps took the gold.

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