Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the Little Things That Count

Last year Dave Krupa gave his fourth graders the assignment of writing to the winning presidential candidate. When Barack Obama won, Allyson Walz asked if she could write to Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin instead because Allyson was inspired that a woman ran for high office.
“'We watched her on TV and I liked how she was a girl and kind of proved that girls can do whatever they want,' Allyson said.

“'Ally really liked Hillary (Clinton), too,' said Kelly Walz, Allyson’s mom. 'Both women have done a lot for women, being women in power positions.'"
Krupa agreed to let Allyson write to Palin. The rest of the class wrote to President-elect Obama.

On February 2, 2009, Allyson got a letter back from Governor Sarah Palin.

None of the other kids got a response.

And this isn't a fluke. Last Christmas at the Alaska governor's open house, Palin took special time in the three hour greeting line of more than 3,300 people to talk to children.
"'Thanks for coming over. Merry Christmas to you,' Palin said again and again to the stream of people over three hours.

"Palin, wearing a velvet kuspuk, paid especially close attention to children, crouching to greet them at eye level, holding up the line to ask them questions."

Sarah Palin is a class act.

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