Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sarah Palin No. 1 Three Weeks in a Row

Sarah Palin already has a triple and the ball looks to be heading out of the park in a bookselling grand slam homerun.

This is Palin's third week as number one on USA Today's 150 top sellers.

As noted last week, Going Rogue was only the 9th book to have repeated at the #1 spot in 2009. Repeating a third time? USA Today doesn't tell us how often that has happened this year or how often it has happened any year with a nonfiction book.

Oh, and the spoof of Going Rogue that USA Today plugged last week? Didn't even make the list. Not even #150.

UPDATE: USA Today notes that Going Rogue holding the #1 spot on its best-seller list three weeks in a row has only one peer in political memoirs: General Colin Powell's My American Journey: An Autobiography published in 1995.

In the same article USA Today claims that the spoof (Going Rouge) of Palin's autobiography was 12th on the list of Amazon's BIOGRAPHY best sellers. Perhaps it was at the hour USA Today checked on it. But, right now, it's not even in the top 100 in biographies and memoirs. So, if it was at #12, it dropped precipitously less than a day after USA Today's article was published.

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