Monday, January 24, 2011

All Good Answers from Steele

This is the closest I've come to wanting to watch Parker-Spitzer:
Steele is scheduled to appear on Parker Spitzer on Monday, Jan. 24, 2011.

President Obama will give his State of The Union address on Tuesday. If you could slip one or two sentences into his Teleprompter, what would you have him say?

"Big Government and big spending is not the solution, smaller government and small businesses are."

What is the #1 piece of strategic advice you would give to a Republican candidate who thinks that he or she can beat Obama in the next election?

Do not be afraid to engage the president on his ideas and philosophy. They have defined his policies and it is his policies that will be your greatest weapon.

You coined the phrase “Drill, Baby, Drill” at the 2008 RNC Convention in Minnesota. The charge, of course, was later used effectively by Sarah Palin. How far do you see her going in politics?

The strength of Sarah Palin is she is her own person, connected to grassroots America in a unique way. She will be a voice and force for some time to come. [cf. Victor Davis Hanson]

What accomplishment are you proudest of as chair of the RNC chair?

We helped make the party relevant again. No more "endangered species" symbols hanging around our necks. We won in '09 and '10 because we reaffirmed principles and listened to the people.

As a young man, you were preparing to become a priest. What tipped the decision to pursue a law degree?

Part of any vocation story is discovering how and what God is calling you to do. My vocation journey has always been anchored in the idea of servant leadership. My time in the Augustinian Order was not picking law or politics over the Church, but rather discerning the true nature of God's call for me and how I could be of the greatest service to my community.
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