Friday, January 28, 2011

Most People Do Believe It Is the "Lamestream" Media

Sometimes it's a bit comical for some conservative commentators class to "cringe" when Sarah Palin uses the term "lamestream" media.

What would be a better designation when 57% of Americans say that the media does not report the news "fully, accurately and fairly"? The "not trustworthy" media? "Not trustworthy" would be more blunt, but not catchy.

Then there are the 75% who "continue to express near-record-low confidence in newspapers and television news". Maybe "low confidence" media?

Or, taking a page out of Charles Krauthammer's book, we could call it the "calumny" media.
"There was not a shred of evidence of, and why did [Sarah Palin's] name come up? Those who brought it up are the ones who have to answer to that. That was a calumny, and it was unwarranted. I am waiting for apologies from those who raised that name from the beginning."
Lamestream is probably the nicest term around.

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