Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Media/Mt. Everest Power of Palin

Richard Adams of the Guardian notes the 34x spike (should we call it the Mt. Everest effect?) in his blog Facebook shares when he mentions Palin.
"The Guardian is no better than any other branches of media in its Palintology. I wrote a brief, innocuous piece on Palin mixing up North and South Korea and it got shared a whopping 34,000 times on Facebook (when a typical article is doing well to get 1,000 Facebook shares). Palin has been tagged 1,100 times in Guardian articles, and probably mentioned in many more, all since 2008. (Joe Biden, in contrast, has been tagged just 250 times.)"
That's why, though a dangerous trend, the Washington Post's and Dana Milbank's "just for fun" boycott of a major political figure won't work out. The reader's market has already given its evaluation of sidelining Governor Palin.

H/T checktothepower

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