Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Associated Press Again Fails on Basic Reporting (and Misleads the Des Moines Register)

According to the Des Moines Register (relying on Associated Press reports*), there were no votes cast in Keokuk County for Jon Huntsman or "other" candidates.

However, Keokuk County's Daily Gate City reports that votes cast just at the Republican caucus at Keokuk High School included votes for Sarah Palin and Jon Huntsman:
"Other totals from the Keokuk Republican caucus were: former Pennsylvania congressman Rick Santorum, 46 votes or 14.6 percent; Texas Gov. Rick Perry, 24 votes or 7.6 percent; Minnesota congressman and Iowa native Michele Bachmann, nine votes; former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, five votes; and U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, two votes."
. . .

"Mike Foley, a self-described tea party member, asked caucus goers to write in Palin’s name.

“'We’re not looking for (former President Ronald) Reagan, we’re looking for Sarah Pallin (sic),' he said.

"Dr. Eloise Skelton backed Huntsman.

“'He can speak with people on foreign policy, he can work with people of both parties and he is smart,' Skelton said.

"When asked later about Huntsman’s lack of attention to Iowa compared to the other candidates, Skelton said Huntsman probably is trying to get more national exposure for a more serious presidential run in 2016."
The Associated Press couldn't find either Sarah Palin's or Jon Huntsman's votes, though the Daily Gate City was even able to name and interview some of the voters.

That's a mistake of 7 votes caught in just one caucus venue in one Iowa county. And Romney supposedly won the Iowa caucuses by only 8 votes. How many other counties' votes are inaccurate as well?

This, again, shows why 54% of Americans have a reason for not trusting the press. (Though, kudos go to small town reporters like those at the Keokuk Daily Gate City who with real shoe leather reporting embarrass the big guys at Associated Press.)

*The Des Moines Register's county details chart states it was "Designed and developed by Craig Johnson. Election returns as reported by the Associated Press."

H/T Ian Lazaran

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