Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thompson: Is Negative Politics the Way to Win a General Election?

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Makes me even more glad I donated to the Thompson campaign back in the day.

H/T Jim Hoft


MAX Redline said...

I too was a Thompson supporter, and was deeply disappointed in the outcome. He'd be great.

T. D. said...

And though John McCain is a real war hero, Fred Thompson is the guy with balance and sense in this duo.

James Nicholas said...

David Gregory interrupts his guest:

"But this isn't bean bag"

which is to say, if Gingrich is going to run for president he has to accept that his opposition is going to be firing hard shots.

David, David, David... Thompson's point was not about whether or not Gingrich can take it. Thompson argued two things: one, that Romney outspent Gingrich 2:1 in Iowa and 5:1 in South Carolina, and still lost both races. Spelling that out for Mr. Gregory, maybe Romney just is not all that electable. Second, and more importantly, the attack ads that Romney and his ilk are running make a statement, a very strong statement, about who Romney is. The fact of the matter is that we of the conservative persuasion are looking for someone to follow, someone to vote for. Conservatives will not support a man that behaves in this way.

Hard shots we can accept. Reagan took hard, honest shots at Jimmy Carter. We loved it. Taking hard shots at Carter simply defined who Reagan was, what he stood for.

Outright lying, misrepresenting the facts, the little trick they played on Elliot Abrams - this is dirty pool, despicable behavior, and it does not define Romney as a man conservatives would want to follow.

Summing things up for David Gregory, the Romney camp is carrying on in a way that ultimately will be harmful to the Republicans winning the election in November, and that is true whether Romney ends up winning the Republican nomination or not.

PS to Mr. Gregory: If you say something, and you happen to notice out of the corner of your eye that John McCain is nodding in agreement, take it to the bank, you took a wrong turn somewhere.

T. D. said...

Excellent, JN! This should have been the content of the post.

Sad that Elliot Abrams who suffered from this sort of treatment is now dishing it out.