Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conservative Media Incompetent and Biased?

Byron York directs his comment to the Romney campaign, but it is more aptly directed to conservative media and conservative pundits.

Why is a charge proven false still being allowed to stand? Not by the mainstream media but by conservative media?

Conservative media and pundits are looking like their mainstream media counterparts in incompetence and bias. The cloud's silver lining is that they too are no longer the gateway to information. The thousands of points of information on the internet, including original documents, speeches and interviews, have changed the rules of the game.

For me that means being able to find better sources of information than Drudge or NBC and better interviewers and commentators than Ann Coulter or Katie Couric. It also means I can and will fact check National Review as well as the New York Times.

Still it's sad that instead of challenging the mainstream media to higher standards, conservative media has dropped to the mainstream media's incompetence and bias.

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