Friday, January 27, 2012

Drudge Down; Newsmax and Memeorandum Up

The link to Matt Drudge's site has been removed from my side bar. He is more and more idiosyncratic politically--choosing to bash one primary candidate (Newt Gingrich) and not give equal coverage to the errors of the other leading candidate (Mitt Romney). Unfortunately Matt Drudge's flaws as a news aggregator have come to outweigh his value. Slanted news on the right (or left) is not my cup of tea. A viewpoint is fine, but irrational slashing is not.

Newsmax and Memeorandum have taken Drudge's place among the links in the Resources section. Both Newsmax and Memeorandum are highly recommended. I also have started a subscription to Newsmax magazine.

UPDATE: Drudge followed Romney team lead:
"A team of some of the most fearsome researchers in the business, led by Mr. Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, spent days dispensing negative information about Mr. Gingrich, much of it finding its way to the influential Drudge Report, which often serves as a guide for conservative talk radio and television assignment editors and to which Mr. Rhoades has close ties.

"The effort hit a peak by Thursday, when the site was virtually taken over by headlines assailing Mr. Gingrich, whose advisers said they eventually gave up on trying to persuade the Drudge staff to spare them, acknowledging, in the words of one aide, that 'very little can be done.'”


James Nicholas said...

CNS News is worth a look as well.

Chaffetz, what is he up to? Theshadowing thing looks pathetic.

I'm was never big on this Romney, and now the attack ads, the swerving all over the road on the issues, the general dirty pool... it does not enamor him to me. I'll vote for him if I have to, but I despise the way the Republican party is pushing this guy down our throats. What did the they think the 2010 elections were about? How does Mitt Romney galvanize the energy that sent the Republicans to their landslide victories just a year and a half ago? Didn't we already have this kind of middle of the road, moderate running at the head of the ticket in 2008? When did the McCain campaign finally become energized and surged ahead? Was that gal another moderate, or a God and country style conservative? What is it gonna take to get this through their thick skulls?!

The goofs.

T. D. said...

Thanks for the tip on CNS News! I'll link to it on the sidebar.

I think the GOPE and conservative establishment are hopeless. They take defeat as the message that the problem is they didn't do enough of the same.

As for Chaffetz, I think he's personally and politically immature. Too bad. He has some good thoughts from time to time, but has gone groupie on the Romney campaign, which itself is not only politically immature but becoming politically noxious.