Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You Heroes!

This is a day to honor those who have fought and died defending our liberty.

I especially want to honor two cousins from my own family:

E. M. Williams who died in 1943 in New Guinea

A. Lick who died in 1944 in Belgium

A. Lick - 1943


Gordon R. Durand said...

Edhred M. Williams? The name is listed in The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Division.

My father-in-law also fought in New Guinea in 1943. Company I, 162nd. The Salamaua campaign.

T. D. said...

Gordon, I don't know what division he served in, but his name was Eldred. I just know that he was a Pfc. in the army. We know he was killed by sniper fire because the brother of a friend of my father's was his buddy and in the same fox hole when Eldred was killed (though he didn't know that Eldred and my dad were related until later). He said Eldred was a great guy.