Monday, May 14, 2012

Track Your Vote in Oregon 2012

Here's the link to verify that your county has counted your vote in Oregon.

Apparently you have only ten days* after election day to contest if your vote for some reason was not counted. You need to contact your county elections office if you find your vote was not counted.
*This information is from OregonGuy (a blogger no longer posting and who is missed).


MAX Redline said...

Actually, OG is still posting - just at a different site.

A link to his stuff is in the sidebar at Redline. FYI.

T. D. said...

Thanks, Max! As usual you're better at putting two and two together than I am. :-)

MAX Redline said...

By no means - just a slight advantage because we email on occasion; I've helped him out with minor tech stuff, and he fills me in on interesting stuff.

Ten Mile Island said...

We see him here, we see him zere. Dat Pimpernel is everywhere!

T. D. said...