Saturday, March 30, 2013

2/5ths of Oregon Seniors to Feel Obamacare Pain

Oregon has one of the highest percentage of seniors on Medicare Advantage (42%) of any state, and the Obama administration wants to cut those benefits. From the Wall Street Journal:
However, the ObamaCare true believers who run the Health and Human Services Department don't answer to voters, and they have written draft regulations that cut Medicare Advantage even more deeply than Congress mandated in the Affordable Care Act. Those cuts will bite hardest in states like Oregon (where 42% of Medicare beneficiaries use Advantage), or Florida (37%), New York (33%), California (37%) and Arizona (38%).

The extra cuts stem from HHS's discretion and were dropped from the sky with no warning in February. More than a few Democrats seem to have caught the anvil. Some 139 Members of Congress have formally objected in 16 letters to HHS so far, and the signers include 26 Democrats in the House and 13 in the Senate.
Senators Wyden and Merkley have objected in letters to HHS. It looks like they had to pass the bill to see what was in it--or at least what HHS thought was in it.

Did I miss the Oregonian coverage of this?  Or does one have to read Wall Street Journal to find out significant news about Oregon and its U.S. senators?

H/T Byron York


MAX Redline said...

If it matters to Oregonians, it's not in The Oregonian.

But it gets better:

Thanks to the industriousness of Portland’s creative class of young, well-educated people, Oregon now has the third-highest food stamp rate of any state in the country. As shown in the chart below, Oregon was disgustingly below average in the 1990s, but shot up in 2001, the year the Portland streetcar opened, and has been in the top three since about 2009. Today, it is behind only Louisiana and Mississippi (and, it might be noted, DC), states well known for their hard work and creativity.

T. D. said...

Max, I hope you had a happy Easter.

Amazing that Oregon is only behind Louisiana and Mississippi in food stamp rate. We're not heading for an Idaho economy but a Mississippi/Louisiana economy.

Did you notice that the Oregonian is calling for a sales tax because Oregon's lowered economic level won't won't give government enough money just with an income tax. As though, there is more money available in the state when you tax sales rather than income. But, it is another "yes" for a flat tax.