Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hands Down Palin Wins Most Interesting CPAC 2013 Speaker

Here are the top YouTube viewing numbers for CPAC 2013:

200,931 - Sarah Palin
91,457 - Rick Perry
83,801 - Ben Carson
66,036 - Rand Paul
42,658 - Marco Rubio
41,439 - Wayne LaPierre (NRA)

and a link to one of my favorite up-and-comers: Ted Cruz

H/T Stacy Drake, Conservatives4Palin


MAX Redline said...

Personally, I thought Dr. Carson rocked.

T. D. said...

83,000 other people agree with you, Max. I haven't yet listened to it, but I saw his prayer breakfast talk. He's good.

MAX Redline said...

Do yourself a favor and watch Dr. Carson's CPAC talk, TD; you'll be glad you did. Palin's great, I agree - and yer Big Gulp prop masterfully undercut the media's fake outrage over a Republican who took a sip of water during a speech while addressing the nannys, and all without a word.

But Carson hit the meat and potatoes.

T. D. said...

Max, I put the links in to make it easier for me to watch the ones I missed. :-)