Thursday, April 28, 2016


Arguably the best, most incisive speaker among Republican leaders is now Ted Cruz's vice-presidential candidate.

Carly Fiorina is what Sarah Palin might have been with more experience before being thrust into the public spotlight. They both have a charisma. Palin's is more on the light, funny side. Fiorina's is more on the quick witted, pointed, skewering side. Fiorina seems to have the edge in being able to explain clearly enough to motivate. Palin could explain well enough to get cheers. There's a difference in being able to grow a movement as opposed to just supporting it.

And, of course, Fiorina has gone toe to toe in the mostly male multi-national technological CEO club.

The more I hear her the more apparent her insight and talent become. There really is a glass ceiling in America. She is clear and can inspire. She has it in her to be a Margaret Thatcher (to use the closest female model). Will she ever have the chance?

And she can sing! Below is an excerpt from the speech above with background music--though meant to be a put down shows her real talent:


MAX Redline said...

Kind of pointless; Cruz isn't going to be the nominee, and Carly's not going to be veep.

T. D. said...

Wait until you read my next post. It includes a small side note about the positive thing that came out of the Goldwater electoral disaster. A rising voice: Ronald Reagan.