Friday, April 15, 2016

Trump Reverse Midas Touch - part 2

Oh boy. Trump surrogates not doing so well. The Reverse Midas Touch, where everything Trump touches degrades, is in full force.

Besides looking like a hostage at Trump events, Governor Chris Christie is now so weak politically that he appoints a Democrat to the New Jersey Supreme Court to avoid fighting with New Jersey Senate Democrats.
The short version: Embattled New Jersey governor Chris Christie withdrew his stalled-since-2012 nomination of Republican David F. Bauman to the NJ Supreme Court, and instead submitted Democrat Walter F. Timpone’s name. Senate Democrats have graciously indicated that they will accept this nomination, so that’s that, huh? More telling is this bit from the Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Christie signaled Monday that he had wearied of the battle with Senate Democrats. If Mr. Timpone is confirmed, “it will be a relief for me,” the governor said.” So much for fighting things out if it takes all summer.
Governor Sarah Palin has had problems giving lucid speeches. And her PAC, Sarah PAC, just reported its 1st quarter, 2016, receipts. Not good news.

Palin's PAC just saw a 40% drop in receipts/contributions from her 4th quarter 2015 average, going from an average of $228,730 for each of her final two 2015 quarters to $135,038 from January through March, 2016. The biggest drop has been in itemized contributions (usually larger than $205 per contribution)--a 68% drop. Smaller "unitemized" contributions have seen a 27% drop compared to 3rd and 4th quarters of 2015.* This indicates that a lot of Palin's previous hardcore supporters (including me) are appalled by her support of Donald Trump. Even worse, it appears that few if any Trump supporters are prospective Palin supporters. Even with Trump not actively campaigning for funds, Palin has not gained from that Trump support pool.

Then we have poor Dr. Ben Carson who seems bound and determined to become the Joe Biden of the Republican Party. Carson's latest gaffe shows a deep lack of understanding of the checks and balances** in the Constitution not only in branches of government but between majorities and minorities. Dr. Carson wants to get rid of the electoral college (and who knows what other parts of the Constitution). One doubts that Carson has ever read The Federalist Papers, Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787, or even a good history of the issues surrounding the creation and adoption of the Constitution.

*Off election year reports, like 2015, are done semiannually rather than quarterly.

**"By allocating electors on the basis of a state’s cumulative representation in the House and Senate, the Electoral College system avoids purely population-based representation but still gives larger states greater electoral weight. Furthermore, the arrangement prevents candidates from winning an election by focusing solely on high-population urban centers and forces them to seek the support of a larger cross section of the American electorate. This aspect of the U.S. election system addresses the Founders’ fears of a “tyranny of the majority,” a topic frequently discussed in the Federalist Papers. In the eyes of the Founders, this tyranny was as dangerous as the risks posed by despots like King George and had the potential to marginalize sizeable portions of the population, particularly in rural and more remote areas of the country." (The Right Scoop quoting The Heritage Foundation)


MAX Redline said...

I'm sad to see Palin tie herself to an anchor; I thought she was smarter than that. Carson, on the other hand, is no surprise. He never is.

T. D. said...

Yes, I can't figure her out either. She must see the debacle that is happening to conservatism. But, then maybe she is so bitter against the "establishment" and the media that she doesn't care as long as someone is striking out at them.

Carson is just becoming a nut job. A surprise for me since I assumed he was using words with their normal meaning.

MAX Redline said...

Palin is increasingly reminding me of the Bundy boys. Yeah, she's not taking over bird refuges and whatnot, but she may not be too far off.

Any more, I just shake my head on Carson.

T. D. said...

I agree she has lost her bearings. As has Carson. Like too many punches to the head (although Carson didn't take many).